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Burned Audio CDs display improper track information

Problems with CDDB may be to blame.


When a user burns an audio CD, the resulting CD does not show the proper track names. This problem does not appear to be caused by any specific program because users have found the problem to persist regardless of whether they used iTunes, Toast, or other software to create the CD. For some users, the track information seems to get mixed up between sets of CDs, and for others the information is all the same, regardless of which CD is in the drive.

Poster L3434 in the MacFixIt Forums writes:

"Whether I burn a CD from iTunes or Toast, the CD name is always the same when it mounts. It mounts with the name of a previous CD that I had made months ago. Previous to today, I was able to name the CD with whatever name I wanted, and it would mount with the name I gave it."

This problem has to do with the CDDB settings on the computer, which are used to look up CD album and track information. These problems have especially been known to occur when users have burned single-track CDs.


Burn the CD as a multi-track CD Since single-track burns appear to be a cause, without changing any software configurations the first step would be to see whether or not the problem continues after a multi-track burn.

Remove the CDDB preferences files The preferences files for CDDB are "CD Info.cidb" and "CDDB Preferences"; both are located in the user's library (~/Library/Preferences/). Deleting these files will reset the CDDB information and allow the computer to properly look up track information.

Reinstall the latest OS updates For several users this problem seems to have started after updating to the latest version of Tiger (10.4.11). Reinstalling the software update may help the issue, especially if the user ensures to run permissions fixes before and after the update.


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