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Burglar uses iPhone as flashlight, accidentally records the crime

Sometimes iPhones can be a little too useful, as a burglar discovers when he inadvertently creates the evidence of his own guilt.

Be careful, now, oh criminal. CNET

If you're going to burgle a house, iPhones can be very useful.

Sadly, for 23-year-old Emmanuel Jerome, his iPhone was useful to the police as well as himself.

Being of evidently subtle mind, Jerome decided not to turn the lights on at a home he and some of his friends burgled. Instead, he apparently used his iPhone as a flashlight.

Perhaps because his fingers were shaking with excitement or because his subconscious was desperate for him to be caught, he pushed another button too -- which ultimately plunged him into a painful darkness.

You see, he seems to have been involved in several other unlawful pilferings, after which he was arrested.

It was then, as the Daily Mail reports, that the police wandered through his iPhone and discovered footage that did not appear to have come from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

Jerome, who reportedly protested his innocence, received 44 weeks in jail for his telephonic misfortune.

Judge John Potter told him: "Significantly, in my view, camera footage of the invasion of that property was captured on your mobile phone." Yes, it was significant.

If you are going to use your iPhone for nefarious purposes, please ensure that you are fully focused.

iPhones are easy to use. It's just that sometimes they are slightly too easy to use.