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Bump your tunes while you barbecue

Tabletop gas grill lets you play your MP3 files while you cook.

The grill is also available in red and white. Meijer

The weather is getting nicer. For some, that means it's time to stash peacoats and earmuffs in boxes until next winter. For others, it means that there are no longer any excuses to avoid exercising. But here at the Appliance and Kitchen Gadget blog, we celebrate the turning of the season with a new batch of blogs about our favorite summer activity: backyard barbecues.

Any barbecue host worth his or her grill tongs knows that the best burger bashes are accompanied by great music, so its not surprising that Meijer has developed the miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill, which comes equipped with a built-in MP3 player.

Not only does the miGrill provide an ample cooking surface of 160 square inches and a power output of 8,500 BTUs, it also sports two built-in speakers that can be powered by AA batteries or wall power. So when you're done flipping franks, you can blast Margaritaville and Hotel California and bask in the glory of a party well thrown.

The miGrill is available for $129.99 on Meijer's Web site.