Bummed out in Bangalore

Stressed-out high-tech workers in India are looking to put a little peace and quiet into their hectic workdays (and nights).

In ever-bustling Bangalore, for instance, software coders and call center operators are turning to an ever-increasing number of yoga centers and spas, according to the Independent Online, a South African news outlet. Among the businesses that have sprung up to cater to the demand, the newspaper singles out an international nonprofit organization, the Art of Living Foundation, which has 20 centers across Bangalore and which says that more than 400 code writers enroll every month to learn meditation.

"The business itself is aggressive and deadlines are hard. There is pressure both from junior and senior employees. Meditation helps me to maintain my calm," Anandh Venkatraman, a senior software employee at Sapient is quoted as saying.

Stress relief is likely to remain a growth business in Bangalore for some time to come. Indian companies catering to enterprises abroad are in high gear, and hiring sprees are the order of the day at places like Tata Consultancy Services. Bangalore workers' duties often include night shifts, since many of the companies that turn to the outsourcers are many time zones away in Europe and the U.S.

For better or worse, tech workers at Infosys Technologies don't necessarily have to head off-campus to do their unwinding. The outsourcing giant offers lush grounds and ample recreational facilities.

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