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Bum Bot clears drug dealers

Atlanta tavern owner fields water gun, equipped robot to clear drug dealers.

While the government spends millions on nonlethal crowd control and redirect programs for urban based winos, an Atlanta tavern owner has fielded a high-pressure water gun equipped, remote-controlled chicken smoker that takes care of both jobs at once.

The Bum Bot was developed by Rufus Terrill to clear drug dealers, vagrants and prostitutes away from around the neighborhood day care center.

"What happens at night is they have prostitution," Terrill of O'Terrill's Pub & Restaurant said in an interview with Information Week. "They've been throwing condoms on the playground, crack pipes, needles... there's just all sorts of garbage around here. And these kids just don't need to be exposed to this stuff."

Weighing in at around 300 pounds, the robo enforcer stands 4 feet and is remote controlled by two joysticks. It comes with an intimidating arsenal of spotlight and walkie-talkie/PA system and a SuperSoaker-type squirt gun that can go as high as 200 psi.

"It took me about three months," Terrill told Information Week. "I did some drawings and tried to decide what I wanted to build. Then I went out to see what kind of junk I had to build it out of. I found an old three-wheel scooter that was not working, one of those Hoveround scooters that you see for the elderly. And I had an old chicken smoker that I don't use for the restaurant anymore. And I had a couple of old wheelchairs that I picked out of the garbage. It's really just a bunch of garbage that I put together and painted black and put a water gun on it."

Might want to get busy building something to repel the ACLU lawyers who are on their way.