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Bulgari enters arena of phone fashion

Gladiator battle ahead


Of all the brands on the fashion world's A-list, Bulgari has always seemed to stand apart. You've got to admire a company that insists on using the Latin spelling of its name (BVLGARI) hundreds of years after the language was pronounced dead .

So we think it's noteworthy that the storied Italian purveyor of luxury goods has joined the hypercompetitive fray of designer phone straps. Bulgari's version is detachable, turning into a cube pendant of palladium when the handset is separated from the black calf leather strap, according to Sybarites. (Who says luxury accessories aren't practical?)

No pricing has been disclosed, but fear not: We're reasonably sure that this item will fall short of the $842,000 we've seen on other straps. Maybe.