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The Empire strikes brick: Building Boba Fett's ship Lego by Lego

One bounty hunter, 2,000 Lego bricks and no disintegrations: CNET's Luke Lancaster pieces together a Lego Star Wars kit of Boba Fett's spaceship, Slave I.

Bounty hunter Boba Fett's Slave I ship (a Firespray-31-class, if you want to get technical). Dave Cheng/CNET

In terms of pure efficiency, it's hard to pick a cooler "Star Wars" character than bounty hunter Boba Fett. Not counting the infamous he first appeared in "The Empire Strikes Back" with 6.5 minutes of screen time and a grand total of four lines. But it was enough to get people hooked.

He just oozes cool. Seeing him onscreen for the first time -- with his weathered, piecemeal armour, Man-With-No-Name-style cape and ice-cold ruthlessness -- blew my young mind. And then there was his ship, the Slave I. Looming and unique even among the stellar ship designs in "Star Wars," Fett and his Slave I were more than a match for Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon in my eyes.

So it will come as no surprise that I'd commit to spending the better part of a day to building his ship out of Lego. At almost 2,000 pieces, the Slave I Star Wars Lego kit is the largest I've personally put together (which makes it something of a feat, if you consider the thousands of hours I've spent with Lego bricks across almost 25 years).

For comparison, the last two kits I built were the Marvel Super Heroes Hulk Buster (248 pieces), and another "Star Wars" kit, the TIE Advance Prototype (355 pieces). The Slave I even dwarfs the "Guardians of the Galaxy" Milano (665 pieces) sitting next to it on my desk. This one doesn't mess around.

The Slave I is available from Lego's online store and certain retailers for a suggested retail price of $200, £170 or AU$300. Check out the video below for a much sped-up version of the construction process and some close-ups of the cooler elements of the kit in action.

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