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Building Iron Man's gauntlet and Captain America's shield

Former MythBusters cast member Grant Imahara and replica builder Allen Pan make and test the battling superheroes' gear in honor of "Captain America: Civil War."

Even if you aren't a card-carrying member of the Avengers and don't have access to Tony Stark's bank account, you can still make an arsenal worthy of a superhero.

In a new webseries for Mouser Electronics, former MythBusters cast member Grant Imahara teams up with Youtuber and engineer Allen Pan to teach fans how to use real-life electronics to making working Marvel replicas of both Iron Man's gauntlet and Captain America's shield.

The video series also showcases the new Innovation Lab from Mouser Electronics, which serves as the workspace for Imahara and Pan during the series. Imahara takes on creating a usable Iron Man gauntlet from scratch while Pan's goal is to make a working Captain America shield.

To make Captain America shield's light enough to throw at a target and come back like a boomerang, Pan creates the shield from foam, a the WLToys V262 drone, a joystick, a transmitter, cables, Arduino Pro Mini mircrocontroller, glove and more.

Grant Imahara tests out the laser on his handcrafted Iron Man gauntlet.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

To construct Iron Man's gauntlet, Imahara 3D printed the glove parts. To make the pop-up laser, Imahara designed a tiny custom mechanism that used a micro servo to move the laser. He also used several LEDs, a mircrocontroller, a servo, an ADP5054 DC/DC converter and UltraFit Power Connectors.

The best part of the series is watching the duo test out their new Marvel creations to see if they can replicate the same kinds of superhero actions using Iron Man's gauntlet and Captain America's shield in real life. Both Imahara and Pan take turns exploding balloons at a distance, while laughing maniacally.

Watch the video below to see a break-down of how the working movie replicas were made.