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Building a better wireless handheld

Companies are working toward the next generation of wireless handhelds with fast transmission speeds for video, music and speedy Net access.

Handheld computer makers are working toward the next generation of wireless products with fast transmission speeds that will allow video, music and speedy Net access to become standard features. Compaq, Intel team up on wireless
The computer maker plans to support the chip giant's blueprint for making wireless phones and handhelds, in return for its iPaq serving as the prototype for such devices.
August 22, 2001 
Sharp to build advanced wireless handhelds
Japan's top maker of handheld computers will supply devices with next-generation wireless capabilities to mobile phone giant NTT DoCoMo.
August 22, 2001 
Intel, Symbian to team on gadgets
The companies are joining up to recruit software developers and hardware manufacturers to build devices with their respective technologies as competition for wireless alliances rolls on.
August 21, 2001