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Building a better bladder for an H20-thirsty world

How do you design a water bottle for the apocalypse? For an art show, one design firm skipped the bottle and made artificial organs that help humans use water more efficiently.


How do you design a water bottle for the end of the world?

That's the question that was put to the team at Japanese design-engineering firm Takram, which has worked with, among others, Toshiba, NTT Docomo, and Toyota. Their novel response? Forget about the bottle and create artificial organs that could be implanted in humans to make their bodies more efficiently use what water is available should resources become scarce.

As noted by The Creators Project, the resulting Shenu: Hydrolemic System is a conceptual work put together by Takram for Documenta (13), a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art that takes place in Germany every five years and is happening this summer.

Click the slideshow tease above to check out the components of this unique "water bottle."