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Buildable Geckobot can stick to and scale surfaces (Open_Tab)

In this first "Joe and Tell" segment on Open_Tab, Joseph Kaminski builds and shows off the Geckobot to Jeff Bakalar and Ben Fox Rubin. This reptilian robot, when assembled properly, can stick to and scale up walls.

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This toy can fight gravity one suction cup step at a time.

The Geckobot, an upcoming toy from Thames & Kosmos, is a reptilian robot that can be assembled into a beast that can stick to surfaces and climb up walls.

Joseph Kaminski got an early look at the robot, which is due out this year, and took a shot at building the creature for the first "Joe and Tell" segment on Open_Tab.

Would you want to build a robot that could climb all over your house? What are your other favorite monster toys? Talk about them in the comments.

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