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Build a 'yuge' wall in this Trump-inspired mobile game

The game Great Wall of America lets you build a world-class wall using the heads of Donald Trump's political enemies.

Presidential candidate and haircut renegade Donald Trump has been promising since the first days of his campaign that he's going to build a wall on the border between America and Mexico. He also promises that it will be the most glorious, beautiful, powerful and awe-inspiring wall in the history of walls.

A new mobile game called Great Wall of America from developer Michael Krynski lets you build the kind of wall that Trump probably imagines. It's available now via Apple's App Store and Google Play.

It plays like a simple, single-touch stacking game where players must build the "yugest" wall possible. Instead of using traditional building materials, they use the cubed heads of Trump's political rivals like Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Texas Sen. (and possible doppleganger) Ted Cruz.

If you fail to build a wall that's big enough, the game will berate you with phrases like "Look at those hands. Are they small hands?" and "I love the poorly educated," actual quotes the real Trump has uttered during his presidential campaign.