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Bug spurs standard drive

Twenty firms back RealNetworks' push for a new standard in the latest salvo between the streaming firm and Microsoft.

The war of words over an alleged bug that "breaks" multimedia software rages on. The fight began at a Senate hearing where Microsoft came under criticism from Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks, and now 20 firms are backing that company's effort to devise a new standard.

Glaser breaks the slience
Q&A After a week of silence on its bug battle with Microsoft last week, RealNetworks' chief executive talks to CNET

RealNetworks urges standard
update The streaming firm, embroiled in a battle with Microsoft, says more than 20 companies are supporting its call for a new standard.

Group says bug belongs to G2
A technology group claims that RealNetworks itself caused a glitch that rendered its software inoperable with Windows.

SPA may call standards meeting
The Software Publishers Association may hold a meeting on industry guidelines for file formats in the wake of the Microsoft-RealNetworks controversy.

Companies trade bug barbs
update Microsoft says its Windows Media Player does not break RealNetworks' software, as alleged by RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser.

RealNetworks' stock keeps falling
update The firm's stock continues tumbling after CEO Rob Glaser charged that Microsoft's Windows Media Player breaks RealNetworks' player.

Putting on the spin
Here's a blow-by-blow account of the war of words between Microsoft and RealNetworks.

Glaser, others blast Microsoft
audio As rivals speak at a Senate hearing, CEO Rob Glaser shows how the Windows Media Player "breaks" RealNetworks' RealPlayer.