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Buffy, Six, bow to the original butt-kicker: The Bionic Woman

The classic springs back into action on NBC this fall.

The Bionic Woman NBC

Before Buffy Summers, La Femme Nikita, and Cylon No. Six, Jamie Sommers rocked the butt-kicking-chicks house and my 6-year-old world.

Finally, three decades later, a new Bionic Woman is springing into action on NBC, and I'm fairly out of my mind with nostalgic girl-power excitement.

Little girls everywhere can now aspire to the cyborgian awesomeness of the new Jamie, who naturally will be better, faster, stronger (oh, wait, that was her boyfriend ... crush!) than before. Well, she's younger anyway, and has way better FX.

Sadly, the trailers don't portend much original dialogue or appropriately tongue-in-cheek humor. (Joss Whedon, where are you? Remaking Wonder Woman, I hope.)

The new Jamie, aka Michelle Ryan NBC

I also smell a lean toward too much drama--Battlestar Galactica loses me when it gets too M*A*S*H*esque--detracting from what should be a solid 40 minutes of wall-scaling, man-tossing and supersonic eavesdropping.

Still, some fun new twists, including Starbuck as the Evil Bionic Woman (a little Faith vs. Buffy, anyone?) promise to make the storylines engaging. I love a good arch nemesis.

And frankly, given that this is another entry into the last decade of tortured characters flaunting their XX-chromosome powers, my TiVo will be season-passing the show this fall without regard for quality or substance. Just give me that awesome bionic noise, please.

No signs yet of Max, but I'm hoping the bionic German shepherd will find a home on the new show. Though methinks a cyborg Jack Russell would be more entertaining up against Bigfoot and the evil girlbots.