Buffalo unveils LinkStation 400 NAS with BuffaloLink cloud service

Buffalo Technology's redesigned cloud service, BuffaloLink, will first be available with its new LinkStation 400 Series of NAS servers.

Buffalo LinkStation NAS servers at CES 2013
Buffalo LinkStation NAS servers at CES 2013 Dong Ngo

LAS VEGAS--Buffalo upgraded its cloud-based service for NAS servers today, introducing the new LinkStation 400 Series. This is the first NAS server to come equipped with the company's updated BuffaloLink cloud storage system.

In a nutshell, the cloud-based service is intended to offer users an easy and secure way to access their digital content remotely via the Internet. Prior to this Buffalo has been offering Pogoplug-style cloud-based features via its CloudStor line of NAS servers, but that hasn't been much of a success.

The company says BuffaloLink was redesigned from the ground up and is hosted on Buffalo-owned servers around the world. It's a free service for all supported Buffalo products, of which the LinkStation 400 Series of NAS servers is the first. According to Buffalo, BuffaloLink "is easy to set up and manage, with no advanced configurations or membership fees."

The dual-bay versions of the LinkStation has an easy front-facing drive bay design.
The dual-bay versions of the LinkStation has an easy front-facing drive bay design. Dong Ngo

The LinkStation 400 Series itself is slated to be available for purchase early this year and promises to offer sustained data rates of more than 80MBps via a Gigabit Ethernet connection. The server comes with a new user interface that, per Buffalo's claims, offers a "wholly redesigned look and feel, with intuitive navigation and easy-to-use setup wizards. "

Buffalo's LinkStation 400 Series is available in single-drive and dual-drive setups. It's also easily scalable via external enclosures. All servers in this series come with a three-year warranty. Prices start from just $149 for a diskless version and go up to $719 with 8TB of storage included.

To find out how the new LinkStation 400 server and the new BuffaloLink service work out, check back for the full reviews.

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