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Remember Batman's Bat-credit card? Now you can get one (in Malaysia)

A bank in Malaysia is offering three Batman card designs: one inspired by the Dark Knight trilogy, one with a yellow bat symbol and one from the 1997, er, "classic".

Here is one of BSN's new cards.


"Batman and Robin" from 1997 is known for many things. Being a good movie is not one of them.

In one of its most cringe-worthy scenes, the Dynamic Duo participates in an auction for villain Poison Ivy. The Caped Crusader, played just this once by George Clooney, manages to win the auction (splashing out $7 million) and proceeds to show off his Batman "GothCard", stylised by his personal symbol and valid forever.

Nearly two decades later, Malaysian bank BSN is giving its customers the chance to be like Batman, offering Visa debit cards adorned with three different Bat symbols. Unfortunately, this one has an expiration date. It's also only available to people in Malaysia.

The company's choice of designs reflect different Bat-eras: one inspired by Tim Burton's two Batman flicks -- with the classic yellow Batsignal background -- a less cartoonish Christopher Nolan-esque one in tasteful silver, and the rather Clooney-ish effort pictured above.

This will hopefully cheer up some Batfans, who may have found "Batman v Superman" somewhat disappointing. The film has thus far grossed $820 million but endured the fourth-biggest box office drop-off of all time in its second week, according to Box Office Mojo.