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Buddy Media CEO's beautiful way of celebrating sale to Salesforce

Buddy Media's CEO Michael Lazerow chooses his company's acquisition by to create a moving video of the strangeness of human hope and the pernicious nature of fear.

Michael Lazerow Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I have no idea if Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow is a nice man or not.

For all I know, he calls his employees donkeys and makes them pay for their own vacations.

However, unlike so many CEOs who seem to celebrate making huge amounts of money by accessing their inner fist-pumping Tiger Woods, Lazerow took a different -- and very moving -- course.

He made a video in which he describes, without speaking, what it feels like to die (which, he explains, he almost did).

He accesses some of life's sad absurdities and expresses them with grace.

He also makes you wonder how intelligent some people can actually be just two hours after they sign a deal to sell their company for $689 million, in this case to

Rich people are fond of saying how lucky they are, but in Lazerow's case, he is lucky to be alive. And that is the thought that crosses his mind on a day that provided him with financial security.

I am grateful to Mashable for disinterring this piece, which was posted to YouTube today.

Lazerow's main message is about the pernicious nature of fear.

In the notes to his YouTube posting, he says he thought about not sharing it because of its personal nature.

However, he concluded: "That wouldn't be very social-media like of me."

Well, yes, perhaps he is a CEO at heart.