<b>Troubleshooting tidbits for Mac OS 8

Troubleshooting tidbits for Mac OS 8


Mac OS 8 is well into the final candidate phase of the cycle. A late July release is virtually certain. (an Apple web page details a $9.95 offer for the new OS, if you buy Mac OS 7.6 now). Here's a brief sampler from the list of troubleshooting tidbits found in the Read Me file for the new OS:

a. With Mac OS 8, you can no longer enter comments in the Get Info windows of files on floppy disks.

b. If you receive an error message about a modem port in use when trying to make a PPP connection on a PowerBook - via OT/PPP - open the Infrared control panel and change the setting to IRTalk.

c. The PowerBook Security control panel still only protects the startup partition!

d. Desktop Printing 2.0.2 is incompatible with Mac OS 8 and unneeded. If you have it in your System Folder, it can cause a crash at startup.

e. If you use an Express modem or GeoPort Adapter and a 68040 Mac, you may get unexpected disconnects from the Internet.

f. You may need to increase applications' memory size to get it to open in Mac OS 8. Some programs also may not open unless Chicago is the system font. You can change this with the Appearance control panel.

g. If you get a freeze in the Page Setup dialog box and you use an HP printer, contact HP for a driver update.

Update: A reader reports that the startup delay (of 25-30 seconds) previously reported for Mac OS 7.6.1 is still around in the latest version of Mac OS 8.

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