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<b>Text: Now you see it; Now you don't; Now you see it again

Text: Now you see it; Now you don't; Now you see it again


Here are two weird problems with the Mac OS. In the first case, text that you add, later disappears. In the second case, text that you delete, later returns.

a. Vanishing Comments text Try this: Open the Get Info window of any file on a floppy disk. Type in some text to the Comments box. Close the window. Now eject the disk (it actually may be sufficient merely to close the window that contains the file). Now go back to the Get Info window again. Your comment text may have vanished! This happens to me every time - on two Power Macs running Mac OS 7.6. However, it does not happen on a 68030 Mac running System 7.5.5.

b. Reappearing Note Pad text Try this: Open the Note Pad. Type in some text and quit. Now reopen the Note Pad and delete the text you just entered by backspacing over it. Quit Notepad again, then reopen it again. The text is still there! However, if you go through the same procedure but delete the text by highlighting it and pressing the Delete key, the text will not reappear. (Thanks, Tommy Doan.)

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