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BT and Cisco cut out ISPs with new network for UK online telly

BT is upgrading its national network so it can reliably pump online telly to you, in time for Project Canvas.

BT is cutting out the middleman ready for online television. A deal with Cisco will see an upgraded network to guarantee reliable broadcast of online TV ready for Project Canvas and other on-demand services -- and bypass your ISP.

BT has created a separate network to deliver telly, called Content Connect. BT Wholesale announced today that Content Connect will be powered by Cisco's Content Delivery System.

Creators will use Content Connect to beam video, TV programmes and other content directly to your computer, TV or mobile device, rather than using the public Internet and relying on Internet service providers.

Bypassing your ISP should cut down on Web congestion and keep your video -- and even live TV -- as sparkly fresh as when it left the dream factory, while keeping costs low for the makers.

The planned improvements pave the way for on-demand television. BT is part of Project Canvas, the consortium of telly providers, ISPs and set-top box makers that will create an online telly standard for on-demand and Freeview TV over the Web.