<b>Streaming Audio Fix is out

Streaming Audio Fix is out


The promised Streaming Audio Update is out. It is for 52xx/53xx/62xx/63xx series (except 6360) Mac OS computers running Mac OS 7.6.1, 7.6, or 7.5.5. It is currently an "unsupported" beta version.

According to the Read Me file, "The 7.6.1 Streaming Audio Update extension alleviates one cause of poor performance when using internet streaming media applications on certain Macintosh computers."

Patrick Hernan confirms that it indeed allows longer audio streams to be played, but complains that there are still problems with the quality of the sound.

Three readers have reported that installing the extension actually disabled all sound output on their 62XX machines. Michael Graham found, for his Mac, it was due to a conflict with the control panel for the Micro Conversions 1724PD Graphics card - which in turn was fouling up settings in the Sound control panel.

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