<b>Still more Adobe update issues

Still more Adobe update issues

Update a. Installing Illustrator 7 Following up on an item posted last time, reader Brian forwards advice he received from Adobe regarding Custom Installs of Illustrator 7: "If you have problems, such as getting a "Could not personalize" message, Adobe recommends turning off all extensions except CD-ROM (required) and restarting. Apparently, a number of extensions interfere with the Installer's ability to automatically capture your serial number from a previous version of Illustrator. Easy Install allows for the manual insertion of your serial number but, Custom Install does not.

Also note: You can no longer install an unserialized copy of Illustrator. You can no longer copy unserialized versions from a server. You must now use the Installer for each serial number installed.

Update: Mark Arana reports that deleting the Preferences file for Illustrator's Adobe Registration program sometimes solved installation problems he was having.

Update: Stuart Larson had similar problems, which he solved by moving Illustrator 6 out of a sub-folder and to the root level of his drive, prior to running the Installer for version 7.

Update: Steve Lombardi claims, Adobe's advice notwithstanding, that he did get prompted for a serial number using a Custom Install.

b. Photoshop 4.0.1: conflict with SAM 4.5.1? Francisco Carrapico writes: "All the files that I try to open with Photoshop 4.0.1 when SAM Intercept is enabled indicate that they are infected and don't open. This did not happen with Photoshop 4.0. When I separately run the SAM application to check the files (using the May Definitions) it does not detect any problem."

Update: Symantec's John Harrison reports that they were unable to duplicate this problem, at least not with the June Definitions (due out in a few days).

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