<b>Speed Doubler freeze and Mac OS 7.6.1: a follow-up

Speed Doubler freeze and Mac OS 7.6.1: a follow-up


Regarding the previous report of a freeze that occurs when copying files with Speed Doubler installed:

a. Supporting the reports of many readers, Taran Reese (of Connectix) wrote: "We have confirmed a problem replacing files using Speed Copy 2.0.x and MacOS 7.5.5, and 7.6.x. We're still researching this, so other versions of the MacOS and/or Speed Doubler may also turn out to exhibit the problem. We're working on a fix." In addition to fixing this problem, the Update will also fix the following problems:

  • Faster File Copying: --Fixed a problem with Smart Replace and locked files that could cause a "File in Use" error. --Option-dragging a folder into one of its own sub-folders is now correctly detected and prevented. --Dragging files from the Desktop to a folder or volume is now handled properly.
  • Faster Disk Performance: --Before loading, Speed Doubler 2 now checks the version of the Apple disk cache software. All currently available MacOS 7 disk caches, up to and including MacOS 7.6, are compatible with the Faster Disk Performance feature. However in the future, this feature will not load if it finds a version of the Apple disk cache with which it has not been tested. --Fixed a problem which could lead to a crash at startup when booting from a volume larger than 4GB with the Faster Disk Performance feature active. The Faster Disk Performance feature only supports volumes up to 4GB. If Faster Disk Performance is active when booting from a volume larger than 4GB, this feature will be disabled and an error message displayed.
  • Faster Emulation: --Fixed a very rare problem that could trigger an application memory stack error.

The eventual update will likely be called Speed Doubler 2.0.3 (bypassing a version that was never put in general release).

b. Regarding the related claim that folders may apparently vanish when doing a copy, Harold Striepe claims that they have not actually disappeared, they have just turned invisible. Any utility that can make invisible files visible again (such as DiskTop or Norton Utilities) should be able to retrieve it. I cannot confirm this.

Update: Jim Catanzarite claims that, when this happened to him, the files were not really invisible. They had just been moved to a distant off-screen corner of the window (in one case, he had to scroll 10 inches to reach it).
However, Michael Martel (one of the two readers who made the original report) says that his files were neither invisible nor moved; they were "totally gone." Even Norton Utilities UnErase feature could find no trace of them.

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