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Bryan Cranston to star in Philip K. Dick 'Electric Dreams' TV anthology

Each episode of the 10-part series will tell a standalone story, taken from the famed sci-fi author's body of work.

Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston is set to star in a 10-part sci-fi series, based on the stories of celebrated sci-fi visionary Philip K. Dick.

The Oscar-nominated actor will also serve as executive producer on the series. UK broadcaster Channel 4 is partnering with Sony Pictures Television on the project, whose full title will be "Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick." Each episode will serve as a standalone story, adapting the short stories of Dick, who died in 1982 at age 53, having contributed such legendary sci-fi tales as "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (which was adapted into 1982's iconic film "Blade Runner"), "The Man in the High Castle" and "A Scanner Darkly".

Ronald D. Moore, who developed the reborn "Battlestar Galactica" series, will serve as writer and executive producer on the new programme. In a statement Moore said, "As a long-time fan of Philip K. Dick's work, it's a tremendous honour and thrill to be part of this series.

"His short stories are a treasure-trove of material for artists to draw from and I think this will be a very exciting project."

Channel 4 told CNET that with production not yet started, there's no premiere date set for the new show. Sony similarly noted that as the collaboration has just been announced, there are no specific plans yet for distributing the programme outside the UK.

Update 1:09 p.m. UK: Added Channel 4's response on a possible air date.

Update 4:27pm p.m. UK: Added Sony's response regarding distribution outside the UK.