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Bryan Cranston joins 'Power Rangers' as floating head mentor Zordon

Sorry, Jesse. The "Breaking Bad" frontman is joining the cast of the "Power Rangers" reboot to look for some teenagers with attitude.

Bryan Cranston has signed on with the Lionsgate "Power Rangers" reboot, the "Breaking Bad" actor said Tuesday on Twitter.

Cranston joins the cast as Zordon, the disembodied holographic head in a tube that trains, leads and advises the group of teen superheroes. The rebooted Rangers themselves have a starkly different look, but there's no word yet on whether Cranston's Zordon will be a big departure from the classic TV show.

We do know he'll be up against Elizabeth Banks who was previously cast as Rita Repulsa, the evil space witch and archnemesis of the Rangers.

"Power Rangers" is scheduled for release March 24, 2017.

Zordon, as he appears in the original series.

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