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Bruce Willis Sky Broadband bathrobe ad banned

That Sky advert with Bruce Willis in his bathrobe has been banned for misleading customer over the true costs involved.

That Sky advert with Bruce Willis in his bathrobe has been banned. Advertising watchdogs slammed the Sky broadband ad as misleading potential customer over the true costs involved.

In the advert, Hudson Hawk and Bonfire of the Vanities star Bruce Willis storms into an Internet service provider in his bathrobe to complain about buffering on his broadband. The Cop Out star is then promised "totally unlimited" Internet if he switches to Sky.

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the advert, not for Brucey's cringe-worthy hamming, but for misleading claims about the cost of Sky Internet.

The ad claims that Sky broadband costs £7.50 a month, without making it clear that bargainous price is only for existing Sky customers, and could come on top of a heap of other charges.

People who don't already subscribe to Sky are charged £10 per month for broadband. And customers also have to sign up to Sky Talk calls and line rental, costing £14.50 each month. Then there's Sky TV starting at £21.50 per month, meaning the true total cost is much higher.

Only one viewer complained, but the ASA takes Sky to task because the advert is clearly aimed at recruiting new customers and should therefore give more prominence to the extra costs involved.

Is broadband pricing too complicated? Should Bruce Willis stay in the bathroom? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page. Yippee-ki -- oh never mind.