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Bruce Wayne decorates man caves? Even Batman needs a day job

A series of creative images reveal the day jobs of popular movie characters like Batman, E.T., Thor and Dumbledore.

Thor is Asgard's top handyman in this series of images by Aspire Doors that imagines what several popular movie characters do in their spare time.

Aspire Doors

You probably know that Thor uses his mighty hammer Mjölnir to fight bad guys and protect the people of Asgard, but did you also picture him using it to help people hang up pictures and fix broken things around the house?

UK door retailer Aspire Doors has partnered with the Boom Online agency to create a series of images showing what Thor, Magneto and a handful of other popular movie characters do in their spare time.

The company envisions Thor as the mightiest handyman in Asgard, for example, and when Batman's not out there saving Gotham from whatever badness is happening this week, his alter ego Bruce Wayne helps men around the world build man caves that rival that of the Caped Crusader.

But perhaps my favorite day job is that of E.T., who helps people around the universe phone home at super-special intergalactic rates. With just a touch of the hand, E.T. Home Telecom Solutions can connect you with loved ones around the galaxy for cheap.

You can check out the imagined 9-to-5s of several popular movie characters in the gallery below.