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'Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes' storms App Store

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes for the iPhone and iPod Touch

When Apple finally announced the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the door was opened to many possibilities. With its huge library of applications, the one thing that seemed to be missing was a World War II shooter. I'm sure many keen minds tried to bring a real game experience to this portable device, but a good control scheme is essential for a real gaming feel. Because of its lack of buttons, this posed a problem until now. On December 2, Gameloft's Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes landed in Apple's App Store.

This is the first WWII shooter to debut in the App Store; it also captures all the action from the Brother in Arms franchise and brings it to your iPhone.

  • 13 missions in across 3 historical campaigns: Normandy, Ardennes & Tunisia
  • Impressive 3D graphics and crisp clear audio
  • The capability to command Jeeps and Sherman tanks to help advance the Allied forces across the battlefield
  • A wide range of weapons at your side (bazooka, sniper rifle, machine guns, and so on)
  • Use of the iPhone's accelerometer controls to launch grenades and the touch screen to aim at and shoot enemies

This game (check out the video below) will definitely make your morning commute seem a lot quicker.

Video credit: Mark Licea