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Brother laser printers go wireless for less

Brother laser printers go wireless for less

Brother is making wireless laser printing faster and more affordable for small businesses with the release of its HL-5200 series of printers. Succeeding the Brother HL-5100 models, which we gave high marks, these new printers are rated to print faster at 30 pages per minute, and boast greater expandability. Each HL-5200 creates grayscale pages at 1,200x1,200dpi and can expand to hold up to 800 pages. The Brother HL-5280DW offers 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in Ethernet, and a color LCD for $349. The Brother HL-5240 base model in this four-item series costs $229, comes with a modest 16MB of RAM, and holds 300 sheets of paper. For $249 the HL-5250DN includes double-sided printing and wired networking with 32MB of RAM, while for $50 more the HL-5250DNT holds 550 sheets of paper. All models have been available for purchase since November except for the deluxe HL-5280DW, which hits stores this month.