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Brookstone Perfect Drink scale and app guide cocktail construction

The Brookstone Perfect Drink system consists of a smart scale and associated app. Together they allow you to consistently make the perfect drink.

Cocktails are easy to make with the Brookstone Perfect Drink.
Cocktails are easy to make with the Brookstone Perfect Drink. Brookstone

A fully stocked liquor collection can be intimidating. Whether it's at the liquor store, the neighborhood watering hole, or just on the kitchen counter, whenever a bunch of bottles come together, it's only a matter of time before someone tries to mix the contents. And that's where things get murky. If staring at a wall of booze results in a blank stare and an empty glass, there are plenty of helpers out there designed to inspire.

The Brookstone Perfect Drink system allows for "app-controlled smart bartending." Consisting of a smart scale and an associated app (iOS and Android), the new bar accessory guides imbibers in making the libation of their choice.

Hundreds of drink recipes are included as a starting point, and the app lets you customize and add from there. Once a cocktail is selected, any size glass or pitcher is placed on the scale and the Perfect Drink tells you what and how much to pour. Working the other way around, the app can suggest recipes from onhand ingredients.

An additional feature of the Perfect Drink is its ability to compensate for imperfect pours. Since drinks are constructed on a scale, the system will readjust ingredient ratios in case of overzealous pours. The new bar gadget will be available starting in October, and will retail at $69.99 -- no tipping required.