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Brookstone iPad pinball accessory goes MIA

A retro chic accessory that turns your iPad into a pinball machine is no longer available from Brookstone. However, a smaller iPhone version is in stock.

Brookstone's $80 iPad pinball accessory appears in the current catalog but is no longer available. Brookstone

Gizmodo and few other blogs have posted images of a rather cool-looking iPad pinball table accessory from Brookstone. Alas, for some reason Brookstone's site says the $80 accessory is no longer offered and no free Pinball Magic iPad app for the iPad is currently available in the Apple App Store.

We're not sure why the accessory has disappeared, but we did see it in the most recent Brookstone paper catalog. On the other hand, if you want New Potato's iPhone/iPod Touch pinball accessory (see video below), that's in stock for $30. While the free Pinball Magic app that's part of the package didn't get good reviews from users (most were probably using it without the accessory), the concept is entertaining in a retro-chic sort of way.