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Brolly umbrella leaves your thumbs free for texting

An unusual grip makes the Brolly umbrella a good wet-weather companion for people looking for shelter from the storm and a dry spot to send text messages.

Brolly umbrella
There's something different about this umbrella. Brolly

Perhaps someday we'll see a reboot of the 1952 Gene Kelly classic done as "Textin' in the Rain." To pull off the elaborately choreographed texting scenes, all the actors will need to be sporting Brolly umbrellas.

Let's consider how we handle umbrellas when we want to use our phones. We tuck them under armpits, fumble with them in our hands, and sometimes drop them in the process.

Brolly umbrellas are designed to keep your thumbs fancy free and at the ready for all your smartphone texting, Web searching, and e-mailing needs. Heck, you might even want them free for actually dialing and making voice calls.

So what's the great innovation here? It's pretty much a modified brass-knuckles-style grip. It's squeezable and lets you hold the umbrella up while your thumb wanders about and does its texting business.

OK, the Brolly is a bit silly, but it's just $19.95 and it looks like it could actually solve the problem of how to text in the rain without dropping your umbrella and getting yourself soaked. I'm guessing the big markets for it are in Portland and Seattle. You'll have to manage the choreography on your own.