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Broken laptop panel? Fix it yourself!

One blogger's guide to replacing a laptop screen.

We're as big a fan of the DIY scene as anyone else, and it's one thing to replace a faulty hard drive or video card in a desktop PC, but replacing your laptop's LCD screen is another matter entirely.

If you're one of those brave souls who would dare to crack open your laptop case, a blogger named Charlie has put detailed step-by-step instructions on his personal blog,, for taking on this intimidating task.

First off, we naturally echo the author's disclaimer that this isn't really something you should do yourself if you value your hardware or its warranty. But if we can't talk you out of it, the blog post has some decent information about picking the right replacement screen, finding where all the screws you need to remove to open the frame are hidden, and disconnecting and reconnecting the delicate LCD cable (a lot of screen problems can be traced to a bad cable connection).

We applaud this bit of practical blogging, complete with helpful photos and diagrams, but just be sure to reread the warning above and don't come crying to us if you break your laptop.