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Broader horizons for eBay

At its developers conference, the auction giant assesses its international options and how it may open up to outside app builders.

At its developer conference in Boston, auction giant eBay assesses its international options and how it might open up to outside application builders. Plus, it shows off a new user interface and other eBay features.

Google gets into a tussle with eBay when it invites the auction site's sellers to a party to promote Google Checkout, a service that competes with eBay's PayPal.
The New York Times
June 13, 2007

Decision reportedly in response to Google's decision to hold a party starting at the same time as an eBay conference for merchants.
June 13, 2007

video eBay's Max Mancini announces five new services that developers can use to build more efficient applications with better functionality.
June 13, 2007

video eBay's Max Mancini also talks about the importance of relationships with developers, and the experience of accessing eBay "anywhere."
June 13, 2007

eBay pins global e-commerce push on Skype and PayPal

blog eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and initial investor Bob Kagle see the company's potential fulfilled in global online trade and communities.
June 13, 2007

Initiative calls for auction kingpin to rebuild its systems for faster development--and maybe more hosted apps.
June 12, 2007

video eBay developer Stephen Chang offers a first-hand look at "eBay to Go."
June 12, 2007

video The company's senior director of Platform and Disruptive Innovation talks about the "San Dimas" user interface and other new eBay features.
June 12, 2007

Google party at eBay event will protest Checkout ban

blog Symbolism alert: The "Let Freedom Ring" party will take place Thursday at a key Boston meeting place for participants in the American Revolution.
June 12, 2007

Adobe Integrated Runtime, formerly dubbed Apollo, paves the way for Web applications that perform like desktop-bound programs.
June 10, 2007

eBay developer conference: San Dimas desktop and APIs

blog The company is readying a desktop app for accessing eBay services and doing tune-ups on other auction features.
June 11, 2007