Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 13

What looks good in broadband news for Jan. 13.

Tech Culture's approximately daily survey of telecom news online comes to you on the 151st anniversary of the patenting of the accordion (and the 48th anniversary of the Frisbee).

America needs unchained spectrum--Business Week

Hacker 'gets more' from T-Mobile--Wired, with the Surf Report's favorite headline of the whole week.

Subscribers sue Verizon over disabled phone feature--Networking Pipeline

Samsung's latest cell phone senses 3-D movements--Infoworld, with more at TechNewsWorld

Covad to launch new service--Los Angeles Times (free registration or an awareness of BugMeNot required)

Poll finds most don't want in-flight cell service--Mobile Pipeline

SBC, HP form alliance--Telephony Online

Cisco's secret software strategy--Light Reading

Vonage's VoIP phone will speed adoption, researcher says--Mobile Pipeline

Phishing, VoIP and spam top 2005 messaging agenda--TechNewsWorld

Novatel gets patent for cellular, WLAN hand-offs--

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