Broadband Surf Report: Cuddled in a WiMax blanket?

What looks good in broadband news for Feb. 16.

Tech Culture

Our daily look at telecom news around the Web:

WiMax could blanket U.S.--WiMax Trends via a Slashdot post.

Volume lowered on Wimax hype -- will constitute 3% of broadband users by '09--Broadband Reports provides links aplenty on the topic, and Daily Wireless summarizes the new InStat report.

Cellular companies aim to cut phone porn--Associated Press

T-Mobile hacker pleads guilty--TechNewsWorld

Telecom deals may take cable companies off the hook--USA Today

Updated muni Wi-Fi creates nets within nets--Mobile Pipeline

Cisco bolsters security with Adaptive Threat Defense--Infoworld

Spectrum auction falls short of expectations--Telephony Online

Tier 2 carriers eat up Ethernet--Light Reading

Motorola unveils flurry of mobile products--Information Week

China's ZTE eyes Siemens' mobile phone division: report--AFP

VoIP is stumbling block to WLAN-3G integration--report--Network Pipeline

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