Broadband slugfest

Can't watch the DNC? Find it online.


I've been hearing a lot about the mudslinging between polar-opposite loudmouths Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore. Today, I got to see what the fuss was all about.

Thanks, Fox News, for letting me re-live the fireworks.

Since I was playing softball last night (my team is appropriately named The Muckrakers), I missed Moore's surprise appearance on the O'Reilly Factor. The story goes that O'Reilly jumped out of his car when he spotted Moore walking down a Boston street and landed the controversial filmmaker as a guest on his show. So I went to Fox News' Web site and watched it on streaming video.

Regardless of my political leaning, it's good to watch two outspoken pundits from both sides of the spectrum duke it out over the Iraq War and the merits/pitfalls of the Bush Administration. It made me appreciate how lucky we are in the age of the Internet and TiVo. I guess from my weepy-eyed idealist perspective it highlights how easy it is to get information from various sources to make an informed decision during the election.

Thanks to the Internet, our view of the candidates only becomes more fair and balanced.

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