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Broadband leaders put up their dukes

The broadband battles heat up as Time Warner takes on MediaOne, while Road Runner remains precariously on the ropes.

The broadband battles have only just begun. Comcast's $60 billion deal to buy MediaOne has run into a potential stumbling block, as Time Warner claims it holds veto power over the merger. The one high-speed player still surprisingly on the ropes is Road Runner. Lacking a solid business plan, the cable ISP may be a prime candidate for a KO.

Road Runner may be a merger candidate
A Road Runner-@Home Network combination may now be more of a possibility following the multibillion-dollar merger between Comcast and MediaOne, according to analysts.

Cable firms reportedly at odds over deals
Comcast and MediaOne have knocked heads with Time Warner over whether the largest U.S. media company has veto rights over the firms' pending merger, according to media reports.

Broadband boom leads the cable charge
news analysis Comcast's $60 billion buy of MediaOne Group creates not only a powerful cable company, but further blurs the lines over which companies will control access to the voice, video, and data services of the future.

Comcast buys MediaOne in $60 billion deal
update Comcast agrees to acquire MediaOne Group in a $60 billion stock deal that would create a broadband communications firm.