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<b>Riven problem?

Riven problem?

Colin Robertson writes: "When I try to start Riven on my StarMax 3000/180 I get an error message to set the screen resolution to 640x480. The game won't start at that or any other resolution. Broderbund tech help say sorry there's nothing they can do at this time; just return the game."

Update: Bob Armstrong writes: "Riven demands that the screen be set at 16 bit resolution, thousands of colors, and if it is not currently set there, it sets it there for you. If it cannot set the screen to 16 bit resolution, it will not run. But there is no requirement that you use 640x480. If your machine has only 1/2 Mb VRAM, you cannot play Riven (requires 640*480*2bytes minimum)."

Another reader notes: "Please tell the person to check and see if they are running an old version of GoMac. It is notorious for causing the OS to think that the screen is not a full 640x480 unless they are running the latest version of GoMac which is 1.4.4."