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Brits and Canadians are the world's most socially promiscuous

Better give your Brit a hug. She needs it.

Though they do it with a stiff upper lip, the Guardian reports that the UK's denizens are Europe's most promiscuous social networkers, with Britons more likely to engage in social networking than anyone else on the planet...except for Canadians, who also need friends.

Thanks to their growing obsession and the widespread availability of broadband, the UK leads Europe in using sites such as Facebook and MySpace, according to the study from the regulator Ofcom.

Its analysis suggests more UK adults go on social networking sites than their European neighbours and they visit them more frequently and for longer - an average 5.3 hours a month.

Interestingly, the UK is also the global leader in susceptibility to Internet advertising, spending more than France, Germany, and Italy combined. Perhaps Facebook's Beacon product would go swimmingly here while failing elsewhere.

Next time you see a Brit, give her a hug. She apparently needs it. Sure, she has money and great broadband, but what's that if she's so lonely?