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Britney Spears first to hit a million followers on Google+

The singer reaches seven figures on Google's social network faster than anyone. But maybe that's only because Lady Gaga hasn't joined the service. And where's Justin Bieber?

Britney Spears is said to be the first to hit a million followers on Google +. Screenshot by CNET

Britney Spears today became the first person with a million followers on Google+, a milestone worth noting, even if hasn't generated the kind of buzz that accompanied Ashton Kutcher's and Charlie Sheen's rushes to a million Twitter followers.

According to The Next Web, the tireless--and now 30-year-old--Spears barely beat out other celebs to seven figures on Google+, including Google CEO Larry Page and rapper Snoop Dogg. However, it seems likely that Spears only made it to the million-follower mountaintop first because folks like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber aren't on Google's social network yet.

Still, Britney's millionth recalls the excitement--some would say odd hype--of the 2009 race between CNN and Ashton Kutcher to be the first to hit that number on Twitter. At the time, such a thing was (by definition) unheard of and came with some serious bragging rights. CNN even spent a good deal of time pimping its account on TV as the race came down to the wire.

Then there was Charlie Sheen's record-breaking million Twitter followers moment. If I recall correctly, it took the scandal-plagued actor about 25 hours to get there. Not bad for someone who, at the time, was getting fired from TV shows and amassing bad juju at a furious pace.

By comparison, did anyone even notice Spears' approaching the million followers mark on Google+? And if not, is that more a comment on the social network, or on the singer? My hunch is both.