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British speeding enforcement prompts automotive innovation

British speeding enforcement prompts automotive innovation

If you ever driven in England or listened to British gear heads complain, you know about speed cameras. The isle uses a combination of stationary and roving speed cameras to enforce speed limits on its roads. Anyone driving over the limit in front of a speed camera gets nailed, as opposed to the cat-and-mouse game we play over here in the states with the highway patrol. Because the speed cameras work so well, companies are stepping up to help drivers keep their speed under control. CNET reports on a company called Transport For London, which is developing a speed limiter that will consult the satellite navigation system to find out the current speed limit, then pull back on engine speed when that limit is exceeded. Similarly, Car and Driver columnist Patrick Bedard writes about the large ASL button in the new Jaguar XK. ASL stands for Automatic Speed Limiter, a device that lets the driver easily set the top speed for the car, making it easy to keep the car under the current speed limit. Race cars use similar technology to keep them under 5mph pit-lane limits.