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British ISP trims Wi-Fi cost

Britain's BTopenworld announced Monday that it will slash the cost of Wi-Fi for small and medium-sized businesses. The Internet service provider has reduced the prices of its wireless networking equipment, which is based on the 802.11b standard, by up to 22 percent. The move will make it cheaper for these companies to link several corporate machines together wirelessly, without the need for cabling, if they have a corporate broadband connection from BTopenworld.

The ISP's wireless access point will now cost about 22 percent less, and the prices of USB desktop adaptors and laptop cards from BTopenworld have dropped by some 16 percent. Several BTopenworld Wi-Fi starter packs have also come down in price, by between 16.9 percent and 20 percent.

ZDNet U.K.'s Graeme Wearden reported from London.

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