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British feel the need for steam speed

Project wants to set new land records.

British Steam Car Challenge

Who would have thought green fuel was meant for speed? A few months ago fellow Craver (and speed nut) Michael Kanellos wrote of the "KillaCycle," an all-electric motorcyle that set a new record for the world's fastest electric vehicle, doing a quarter-mile in 8.168 seconds. Now the "British Steam Car Challenge" has even higher ambitions--to hit 150 miles per hour on British soil, then 200 mph on Utah's Bonneville salt flats for a new land speed record.

We don't know proverbial jack about steam cars, but it sounds as dangerous as it is impressive: Gizmag says four boilers will power the streamliner's turbine engine with with extreme steam pressure.. But the project's biggest challenge may be off the road entirely, as it needs donations to fund the effort. (It's encouraging contributions as small as 1 pound on a special Web site.) You could say, in this instance, that green needs green. But we wouldn't dare.