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'Britain's loneliest dog' to star in 'Transformers 5'

A friendly dog with a serious medical condition may have been passed up for adoption, but she's now set to cameo in a blockbuster action film thanks to an animal-loving director.

Freya about to go for a car ride.

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Director Michael Bay sure knows how to blow stuff up on screen, but he also knows how to be a real-life hero. Bay cast a dog named Freya in the upcoming "Transformers: The Last Knight" movie. Normally, animal casting doesn't make the news, but Freya is a celebrity thanks to the many challenges she's faced in her quest for adoption.

Freya rose to fame and earned her "Britain's loneliest dog" moniker after UK tabloid The Mirror featured her in an article saying she had been rejected over 18,000 times by potential adopters.

Bay made the casting announcement on Twitter last week. He isn't sharing any details of the role, though Mark Wahlberg may be in for some competition. Bay followed up the canine reveal by welcoming actor Anthony Hopkins to the film's cast. Perhaps the two will have an Oscar-worthy scene together.

Freya is in residence at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool in the UK. The pooch is now six years old, but the rescue group has been trying to find her a home since she came into their care as a puppy. Freya lives with epilepsy and is on medication for the condition.

Bay not only signed Freya to a film deal, he also vows to help her find a home. If she isn't placed with a new person, then he will personally adopt her.

Freya has her own Facebook page where some of the posts are written from her point of view. She met the "Transformers" announcement with enthusiasm: "I'm going to be a film star! The staff here say I'm enough of a diva already but I don't mind the extra attention."

(Via The Guardian)