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Brit rapper Wiley slams Glastonbury in Twitter strop

Brit rapper Wiley demonstrated the pitfalls of social media with a spectacular Twitter strop about Glastonbury.

For most musicians, playing Glastonbury is the pinnacle of their career, a sign they've made it to the top of the pop tree. But for British grime star Wiley, it just means being rained on in a field.

The rapper cancelled his Saturday afternoon show after slamming the festival in a series of damning tweets. He threatened to sack his manager. He begged to be cancelled. And like a true Brit, he complained about the weather. He's since deleted his most offensive tweets, but not before they could be stored for posterity by Buzzfeed.

Things started badly as soon as he arrived. "Soon as I land... Rain ffs," he tweeted. He then said he should be partying with competition winners in Ayia Napa, and going to a boat party, but instead he was at Glastonbury. My heart bleeds, I'm sure yours does too.

He wasn't happy with his management, tweeting: "Everybody is getting sacked." He hoped awful things would happen to his manager: "Dear God Please Strike John Woolf Down." And then, in true prima donna mode, he complained about how much he was being paid. "Glastonbury ain't paying me enough to leave my comfort zone... tight bastards."

Don't expect to see him at other festivals either, as he laid into Capital FM's Summertime Ball and Yahoo's Wireless Festival.

He pleaded -- twice -- to have his show cancelled without being sued. He then messaged organiser Emily Eavis asking: "please can u take me off the line up I beg ya".

Told that he should be honoured to play Glastonbury -- as Jay Z was -- Wiley responded: "jay z had to wait till the end of his career to play glasto... f*** them and their farm..."

To summarise, Wiley tweeted: "Festivals in nice hot places are sick not festivals p**sing down with rain ever [sic] year."

He then said he was on his way to Heathrow, deleted the worst of his tweets, and retracted the "f*** them and their farm" comment, tweeting: "that's rude I wouldn't say that".

It's not the first time Wiley has cancelled a concert via Twitter. Last October he pulled out of a gig at Warwick Students Union, tweeting that he had "other things to do". He then claimed he'd been involved in a car crash, which he hadn't.

Should people be a bit more careful about what they post on Twitter? What do you think of Wiley's outburst? Let me know in the comments, or on our calm and collected Facebook page.