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Bring your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max to US Mobile and get a $400 service credit

Cheapskate exclusive! Use that credit across 12 months for free or deeply discounted service -- on Verizon's network!

Apple/Screenshot by Josh Miller/CNET

The new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have arrived, and carrier US Mobile is dangling one seriously tasty "switch carrot." As in, "Switch to US Mobile and we'll give you $400."

It works like this: Activate a new line of service (with a new or ported-in number) for your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and US Mobile will give you a $400 credit to use over 12 months. That's a Cheapskate exclusive, folks!

To take advantage of the deal, just buy US Mobile's Starter Kit for $3.99, making sure to apply promo code CHEAP400 at checkout. Next, order your new iPhone, wait for both it and the Starter Kit to arrive, then activate both using the second promo code that'll arrive from US Mobile.

How you spend that credit is up to you. US Mobile offers both custom and unlimited service plans on its SuperLTE network (cough, Verizon, cough). Amortized across 12 months, the credit works out to $33.33 per month -- enough to score you a basic plan that's darn close to free, or to subsidize a costlier one.

For example, a custom plan with 300 voice minutes, 300 text messages and 3GB of high-speed data costs $32 (not including taxes), so the credit would just about cover it.

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There's another way to look at this math. Whatever phone you buy, you're going to be paying for service. The $400 credit is money you won't be paying for service. With that savings, it might be easier to justify spending, say, $749 on an iPhone XR (the one to get, IMHO). Looking at it this way, your net cost works out to just $349.

Be sure to read all the instructions and conditions on US Mobile's promo page. I see no red flags, but look closely anyway so there are no surprises. 

If you covet new iPhones and Verizon's network coverage, this is a way to score considerable savings on both.

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