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Bring spring to the table

The Dimensions Tulip Pan turns any cake recipe into a perfect dessert for spring.

The Dimension Tulip Pan Wilton

I have a few cake recipes that just seem to work well for spring--lemon and orange flavors especially get me thinking about warm weather and sunny days. But those cakes always seem to need a little something to really make them a springtime dessert. I've been thinking that the visual appeal especially needs to be improved, making the Dimensions Tulip Pan the perfect touch. This Bundt pan turns cakes into an elegant circle of tulips--and the details are enough to stand out, unlike those created by many unusually shaped cake pans. It's perfect for all sorts of springtime festivities and, since flowers make appearances year-round, you can get more use out this pan than most seasonal designs. The Dimensions Tulip Pan comes from Wilton, well known for its high-quality baking tools.

The Dimensions Tulip Pan is made from cast aluminum and works equally well in shaping frozen desserts and even appetizers. The pan is heavy-duty--Wilton describes it as professional weight--and has a nonstick surface. While it's not dishwasher-safe, the pan does clean up quickly. It is 10 inches wide and 4 inches deep, with a 10-cup capacity. The Dimensions Tulip Pan is priced at $30.99.