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Bring on the micropayments

In response to the August 8 Perspectives column by Oliver Tattan, "Biometrics: Beyond hype and hysteria":

Preach on, brother, the choir is listening!

I listen to people day in and day out complaining about how this is 'charge' now and that is 'charge' now. Well, they have to pay their bills. The only problem I have is that there is no good system to make "micropayments." Without this system many sites are missing huge amounts of their potential audience.

I see articles on Salon and clips on CNN all the time that I would not mind viewing. Unfortunately for them, I am not willing the sign up for their service and pay a monthly fee. However, a micropayment system with a unified ID (like Microsoft's Passport or any of the other projects by the likes of SUN or AOL,) I would be more than happy to pay a half cent here for this, or 2 cents there for that.

I agree that it was just silly for us to think of the Internet as a free ride. Now that it's starting to go away, I see huge things coming with business models that would have never survived before. Now they just got to find an easy (and secure) way for us to pay them.

Nathan Raddin