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Bring herbs to the pizza party with the Casabella Cut 'n Slice Pizza Cutter

The Casabella Cut 'n Slice Pizza Cutter is a dual-bladed cutting tool that can be used for cutting herbs as well as slicing pizza.

Two blades make quick work of herbs for pizza with the Casabella Cut 'n Slice Pizza Cutter. Casabella

Chances are, if you like pizza, you like to have something on it. Even if you don't go in for toppings and prefer just a cheese pizza -- fine, fine: "plain" if you must -- chances are still good that you want more than just bread, sauce and cheese. Easily done with herbs; they add depth of flavor and can elevate a pizza pie to a whole new level of deliciousness. All it takes is some herbs and something to cut them with like a knife, herb scissors or, say with a double-bladed pizza wheel.

The Casabella Cut 'n Slice Pizza Cutter ($10) is a pizza-cutting tool with two round blades. They can be used together for cutting herbs or individually for cutting slices. (Not sure what would happen if the dual blades were used to cut the pizza, but pizza-flavored chiffonade ribbons can't be all that bad.) When not in use, both blades store inside the body of the pizza cutter for convenient storage.

When making homemade pizza (or even gussying up a frozen one) eaters may appreciate anything that brings herbs to the party. Fresh on top or incorporated directly into the sauce, crust or cheese, freshly cut herbs are worth taking the extra step for. And since this little cutter does double duty, that extra step doesn't create an extra thing to clean.